Table 2.

Aortic Waveform Characteristics at Baseline

VariableNo Functional Improvement, N=13Functional Improvement, N=25P Value
Pulse wave analysis
 Central systolic BP, mm Hg103.8±15.6114.5±16.70.07
 Central pulse pressure, mm Hg33.9±8.945.7±14.10.01
 AIx, %18.2±6.622.0±6.30.10
 AP, mm Hg7.9±3.413.8±6.10.003
 Tr, ms135.2±9.0135.8±9.60.8
 ED, ms282.5±23.1307.2±37.10.02
Wave separation analysis
 Forward pressure wave, mm Hg23.0±6.629.7±9.70.04
 Reflected pressure wave, mm Hg13.2±3.718.6±5.80.005
 Reflection magnitude, %57.9±5.463.2±10.20.09
 PWV, m/s9.7±1.510.0±1.60.6
Arterial reservoir analysis
 Excess pressure, mm Hg11.4±3.615.0±6.50.08
 Reservoir pressure, mm Hg28.7±8.238.6±12.00.01
  • AIx indicates augmentation index; AP, augmentation pressure; BP, blood pressure; ED, ejection duration; PWV, pulse wave velocity; and Tr, time to return of the reflected wave.