Table 3.

Simple 7 Metrics Associated With Incident HF

Univariate AnalysisMultivariate AnalysisAdjusted PAR %
HR95% CIP ValueHR95% CIP Value
Female sex1.14(0.86–1.49)0.361.08(0.81–1.43)0.61
Smoking1.43(1.03–2.01)0.042.04(1.43–2.91)<0.000112.5 (6.7–18.2)
Nonideal BMI1.07(0.74–1.55)0.721.11(0.75–1.64)0.62
Nonideal nutrition1.67(0.24–11.93)0.611.82(0.25–13.00)0.55
Nonideal physical activity2.37(1.55–3.65)<0.00011.65(1.07–2.55)0.026.2 (1.0–11.4)
Nonideal BP5.25(2.94–9.38)<0.00012.32(1.28–4.20)0.00516.0 (5.4–26.3)
Nonideal fasting plasma glucose2.44(1.88–3.16)<0.00011.76(1.34–2.29)<0.00018.7 (5.0–12.4)
Nonideal total cholesterol1.41(1.09–1.84)0.011.01(0.77–1.31)0.96
All 4 significant Simple 7 factors37.1 (20.0–51.9)
  • All ideal cardiovascular health factors were included simultaneously in the multivariate model. Each PAR was adjusted for the remaining 3 Simple 7 factors (that were significantly associated with HF; eg, BMI, physical activity, blood pressure, and glucose), age, and sex. BMI indicates body mass index; BP, blood pressure; CI, confidence interval; HF, heart failure; HR, hazard ratio; and PAR, population attributable risk.