Table 2.

Association of Life’s Simple 7 With Incident HF

Model 1 HR95% CIP ValueModel 2 HR95% CIP Value
Simple 7 score of 0–2ReferentReferentReferentReferentReferentReferent
Simple 7 score of 30.53(0.39–0.73)<0.00010.52(0.36–0.74)0.0003
Simple 7 score of 4–60.39(0.24–0.64)0.00020.42(0.24–0.72)0.002
No. of participants38583749
No. of events239185
  • Model 1 is adjusted for age and sex. Model 2 excludes adjudicated incident myocardial infarction and fatal coronary heart disease at any time in JHS (Jackson Heart Study) and is adjusted for age and sex. Incident HF was defined as self-reported HF hospitalizations (before January 1, 2005) and formally adjudicated HF (after January 1, 2005).CI indicates confidence interval; HF, heart failure; and HR, hazard ratio.