Table 2.

Univariate Baseline Predictors of Acute Decompensated HF

Baseline VariablesHazard Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Randomized to intensive blood pressure arm0.630.46–0.850.003
Chronic kidney disease2.711.97–3.73<0.001
Age ≥75 y2.932.12–4.10<0.001
History of cardiovascular disease2.371.70–3.29<0.001
Black race1.010.68–1.500.94
Seated systolic blood pressure (10 unit increase)1.090.99–1.200.082
Seated diastolic blood pressure (10 unit increase)0.730.64–0.85<0.001
Body mass index, kg/m21.010.98–1.040.48
Current smoker1.200.73–1.810.49
  • HF indicates heart failure.