Table 5.

Multivariable Model Showing Predictors of Recurrence of ADHF Among 168 Participants Experiencing a First ADHF

Baseline VariablesHazard Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Intensive blood pressure treatment arm0.930.50–1.670.81
Subgroup with age ≥75 y0.980.51–1.900.94
Female sex0.790.40–1.520.49
Black race2.141.07–4.220.029
Subgroup with CVD history0.780.42–1.420.43
Subgroup CKD1.991.04–3.930.042
Seated systolic blood pressure (10 unit increase)1.110.92–1.330.26
Seated diastolic blood pressure (10 unit increase)1.120.85–1.440.41
Body mass index, kg/m21.030.98–1.080.31
Current smoker0.340.08–0.980.081
  • ADHF indicates acute decompensated heart failure; CKD, chronic kidney disease; and CVD, cardiovascular disease.