Table 2.

Characteristics During Admission for Acute Gastrointestinal Bleed for Patients Receiving Octreotide

VariableRebleed at 6 mo (n=12)No Rebleed at 6 mo (n=39)P Value
First episode of bleeding on LVAD50%62%0.5
Mean arterial pressure, mm Hg75±1276±140.8
Heart rate, beats per minute80±1486±190.3
Aortic valve completely closed50%43%0.7
LVAD parameters
 Speed, rpm9231±2819224±4071.0
 Power, W6.4±0.66.0±0.80.1
 Pulsatility index5.2±1.04.7±1.00.2
Laboratory data
 eGFR, mL min−1 1.73 m−262±2558±240.7
 Baseline hemoglobin, g/dL10.0±1.79.6±2.00.5
 Admission hemoglobin, g/dL6.6±2.17.1±1.60.3
Medications before bleeding
  81 mg 3× per wk8%8%
  81 mg daily42%41%
  >81 mg daily25%16%
  Target INR2.2±0.42.3±0.40.5
  INR at time of bleed2.0±0.63.0±1.90.08
 Novel oral anticoagulant0%3%1.0
 Proton pump inhibitor67%67%1.0
  • eGFR indicates estimated glomerular filtration rate; INR, international normalized ratio; LMWH, low molecular weight heparin; and LVAD, left ventricular assist device.