Table 3.

Interventions in Patients Receiving Octreotide

VariableRebleed at 6 mo (n=12)No Rebleed at 6 mo (n=39)P Value
Octreotide formulation0.7
 LAR depot67%74%
 Subcutaneous daily33%26%
Blood products
 Packed red blood cells (% patients)83%77%1.0
 Packed red blood cells (mean±SD units)4.7±2.63.4±2.30.1
 Fresh frozen plasma (% patients)33%18%0.2
 Cryoprecipitate (% patients)17%0%0.05
 Platelets (% patients)17%0%0.05
 Any endoscopic procedure92%92%1.0
 No. of endoscopies per patient1.9±1.31.2±0.60.09
  Push enteroscopy8%18%0.7
  Deep enteroscopy17%5%0.2
  Flexible sigmoidoscopy8%3%0.4
 Active bleeding seen67%41%0.2
Source of bleeding (can be multiple)
 Confirmed angiodysplasia58%23%0.03
 Vascular bleeding0%13%0.3
 Bleeding polyp25%13%0.4
 Ulcer/mucosal disruption17%18%1.0
 Source not located16%36%0.3
Additional clinical interventions
 Reduction in aspirin dose17%18%1.0
 Reduction in warfarin dose58%56%1.0
 Reduction in LVAD speed17%8%0.5
  • EGD indicates esophagogastroduodenoscopy; LAR, long-acting release; and LVAD, left ventricular assist device.